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Participants must read and sign the release form agreement prior of the rental.

we only accept cash or credit card for deposit.

We provide locks with the bikes.

All riders must use safety helmets.

Participants under age 18, must have permition from the parents.

All riders must be in good health, and able to operate and control the bike and equipment.

Please consult a Medic.

All riders are responsible for the equipment, and should return in good conditions.

The customer is responsible for theft and damage to the bicycle and its accessories provided during the rental period.

Late returns are subject to extra charges.

All riders should know the laws of traffic.

All riders should inform if equipment is damaged or not working properly.

Prices are without VAT.

Any activity or bike rental lasting more than 1 (one) day will be charged a deposit of 60% of the total amount at the time of booking, and the 40% left until 7 days from the start of the activity or rental

All riders must have a insurance 

No show, if the costumer have payed the rental and dont pick up the bike, we dont refund any amount

All costumers can cancel the bike rental up to 7 days before in case of illness 

Funbike is not responsable for any injuries during the use of the bikes 

Rental its from 8H00 to 19H00 (1 day)

Rental for several days its 24 hours time




The clients are fully responsable for the bike and equipment and must return in the same conditions as it was delivered.

Any loss/damage/theft must be paid for the client.

In case of theft:

Aluminium bike             280€

City bike                         390€

Carbon road bike          2600€

Carbon road premium  5500€

Road E bikes                 3500€

Mtb E bikes                    2750€

Gravel E bikes               3750€

Mini pump                      20€

Lock                               18€

Sadle bag                       30€

GPS                                250€

Helmets                          70€

Damage Repair             ( Defined by budget in case of a damage to the equipment)




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